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Multimedia desktop computer speakers by Cyber Acoustics (CA-2014)





Space saving 2.0 PC speakers ??t on any tight desktop!

Great for any multi-media listening experience, music, games, or voice!

Convenient speaker controls: On/Off, LED power indicator, Volume, and Headphone output jack!

Good looking design with discrete cloth grill covers

Perfect for in the corporate of??ce, den, kitchen desks, and other small spaces

Video Review Multimedia desktop computer speakers by Cyber Acoustics (CA-2014)

So the good people at Cyber Acoustics were kind enough to send these great desktop speakers out for review CA-2026 buy it here:

Hey guys. Today I review my Cyber Acoustics speakers and they aren't that bad. Watch to know more about the sound, design, layout and features of these great drivers. Buy your own pair –...

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